Kara is a rock star in the kitchen. She is a tireless culinary pro with well-rounded cooking skills and a fastidious attention to detail.  She always goes above and beyond to get the job done.  Whether I am testing recipes or editing a new cookbook, I’m always thankful to have Kara on my support team.
-Bob Blumer, (Creator/Host of Glutton for Punishment & Surreal Gourmet – Food Network, Halogen Network)

“If you are a busy professional and have no time to cook or you don’t know your way around the kitchen. Call Kara! She excels at numerous special events and dinner parties for which she shops on a budget, cooks and creates while remaining professional and respectful of her clients. Delicious food & beautifully prepared! Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert…she’s a chef that can do it all…Kara is professional, pleasing and honest; she possesses a personality that allows her to fit easily into any home or organization requiring her services. Bon appétit!”
-Ungenita Katrina Prevost, Beauty Empowerment Author/Speaker & Success Coach
“Whether it’s a board meeting, luncheon, family meal or charity event, Kara always provides us with excellent service and attention to detail. She has become a trusted part of our household staff and is not only a friend, but also feels like part of the family. She has come to know our tastes and can easily put together a function at the last minute.
She can prepare and execute anything from a simple farm fresh meal, ethnic cuisine to a whimsical theme focused menu.  We love the fresh baked bread and special desserts, salads, home made dressings, and appetizers she prepares.  Even the recipe makeovers of our family favorites have been terrific. Some people see their party attendance dwindle due to busy schedules or lack of interest.  We are fortunate to always have a full house, in part, due to Kara’s wonderful cooking.  If our friends know Kara is cooking, they are here at a moment’s notice.  As long as Kara knows who will be over, she carefully crafts a menu to blend our tastes with the taste and needs of our guests.  Our guest’s love that she keeps track of their dietary restrictions, their likes, and dislikes and often comment on the fantastic creative and delicious meals.  This is a special quality and an extra level of service that we have grown accustomed to over the years.”
-Frank & Audrey Lowman, Bluff Cove, Palos Verdes Estates
“Kara Mickelson is an absolute pleasure to work with – she is well-organized, professional, and really knows her way around the kitchen! Her culinary skills and food styling technique are both excellent, and she has a natural talent for teaching others in the kitchen. We can’t wait to work with her again!”
-Jaime & Steve Geffner, Producers/Creators www.GeffnerProductions.com

“Ciao Kara, I wanted to touch base and say how lovely your Tapas event was.  My husband and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. Your talent and food knowledge shined through.  The quality of the tapas rivaled what I had last year in Catalonia.  If I may keep in touch I would very much like to discuss a future collaboration.  Culinary Tourism is BIG.  Food is my thing.  I know the two of us can create some awesome trips together.   I look forward to hearing from you.  Best regards.”

“Great job Kara with teaching the knife skills 101 class. Everybody had a great time…no injuries…just a little crying, but that was due to all the onions. Thanks!”
-Deb Swartz, Owner/Founder Old Town Cooking School Pasadena

“My belly is smiling so wide right now. Thank you @kamickel for THE most amazing meal EVER!!!”
-Greg Grunberg, Actor via twitter