Valentine’s Day Frozen Heart Tart

Valentines Day Frozen Heart Tart

Frozen Heart V-Day v5 EB Cropped

Valentines day can be a moment of joy or jealously. People either love the idea of it or they cringe and begrudge the commercialization of the day. Sometimes being hitched or not can be the deciding factor, although, there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground…sort of a yin and yang of experiences. Either you love Valentines Day or you don’t. Lets face it, being single on V-Day can be depressing. You can mull over the moments of love that have left or sulk over the sweet gestures received by others. But in the end, beyond the roses, and dinner reservations V-Day is reminder to open your heart and let love in.

The frozen heart tart is a symbol of how love evolves. The dish is creamy, and lush and yet can also morph into a stunning semi-frozen dessert. The unfrozen tart ingredients, once combined are yummy, and lite and make you want to jump in and savor every creamy bite…sort of that heady feeling you get when you first fall in love. The frozen version is stable and beautiful and will hold up while you are finishing the dishes and opening a bottle of champagne. Perhaps, acknowledgement to the long time lovers that have stuck it out, defied the odds and have something solid and stable to celebrate. Both start with the same ingredients, but offer two presentation options and many choices for this healthy and not-so sweet treat.

When you make the tart, take some time to dig in and savor the unfrozen concoction. Let go and enjoy it all or take it to the next level. Let it remind you to open your heart to love, whatever the form.

Valentines Day Frozen Heart Tart

17.5 ounces – 0% Greek Yogurt
3 Tablespoons Pure Maple Syrup
1 Vanilla Bean, Split and Beans removed
1 Can Coconut Cream (cream, not milk)

½ cup each Frozen Raspberries & Strawberries, Rinsed & Dried (used to decorate tart. Size of heart mold will dictate actual amount of fruit needed)

Combine yogurt, maple syrup, vanilla beans. Fold in coconut cream and frozen fruit. The frozen berries will start to set the coconut cream creating a semi-freddo consistency. Chill in the freezer for 5 minutes before eating as is or place in a heart mold and then chill till frozen. Unmold tart and top with sliced fresh fruit.

This is a semi-sweet dessert that is actually good all year round. Try different fruits and add lemon zest, chocolate chips, nuts etc for a twist on the original recipe. The options are endless. If you prefer a sweeter version mix the maple syrup with some brown sugar to form a paste and swirl it into the mixture before freezing or eating. For an adult version, add some bourbon or brandy to the brown sugar, maple paste. Enjoy!


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